January 26, 2014

Hello all!


I am getting ready to depart from Twisp in less than a week! Our set up day is February 4th.

It sounds like we are going to hit the hunt at the perfect time. Last I herd (get it?) two buffalo have been harvested right near our camp area.

I had a great conversation with the game warden in charge of the area. He confirmed that everything we want to do is perfectly legal. He was very supportive and had some good information about the brucellosis risk (low but important) and the tribe’s hunting structure. I invited him out for some buffalo heart chili! He told me that he saw at least ten hides rotting away last year, and he said he wasn’t really looking for them. That bodes well for our success, and underlines how important our role as scavenger really is.

I am so excited about the Buffalo Bridge project! Thank you all so much for being a part of this adventure. I have such a good feeling about everything, and I know that whatever our experience, it will be amazing and rich and beautiful.

Thanks ya’ll!!

See you soon!