Help support Uri!
January 7, 2014

Israel gathering

Our dear friend Uri’s ( dream of a primitive skills gathering in the northern Negev desert in Israel is close to reality!

Uri has called his gathering Avnei Derech. In English the name is close to Stone Way Gathering.

We met Uri last summer at Lynx Vilden’s Living Wild Immersion program. He was the guy who never stopped learning and working, and he always had a wonderful smile for everyone. Uri told us his dream: to make the first ever Primitive Skills gathering in Israel… well.. now his dream is becoming a reality.

Avnei Derech:

Avnei Derech will have 30 of the best teachers in Israel, 16 work-traders, and so far he says, 507 people watched his video, and registration will open on the 20th of January!

Uri is trying to raise $8000 via crowd funding project, and would love to have your support by funding his project, “just a little bit,” he asks, at:, or pass this link to others that might want to support Avnei Derech, Israel’s first primitive skills gathering.

Primitive Found believes that primitive and ancestral knowledge is the birthright and heritage of all human beings everywhere around the world, and we are happy that Uri is creating a gathering in Israel.