From Katie Russell, the first ever recipient of a Primitive Found grant for her project Buffalo Bridge. She figured you all would be ready for a buffalo update!

First things first, the buffalo herd is not moving yet.

It is impossible to predict when the herd will move. Our projected January 10th arrival seems like it will be too early.

Buffalo Bridge Blog update 1_5_14

If the buffalo have not yet migrated, we may decide to go to Wintercount in Arizona, or just ski around Yellowstone and tan some deer hides while we wait for the migration.

The buffalo season runs until March 15, so we’ll still have plenty of time for the hunt to get going.

I plan to be in the field when the herd and hunters arrive, even if it means sitting out there until spring comes. The timing is a challenge, but that is just the way it is!

In the meantime, I have been doing a bit of research into all things buffalo, and here is a link to a webcam of Yellowstone NP – scroll down to the webcam labeled “North Entrance – Electric Peak” for a view near where our camp will be.

Until next time!
– Katie Russell